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Work Schedule

Arbeitsplanung IconThe Work Schedule helps you to plan your shifts taking all required data and factors into account. Get an overview of shift patterns including rest periods and see absences and the minimum shift size with or without a shift leader at a glance. Data is provided at a central location and displayed in different views for shift and production leaders. This helps to ensure smooth production processes and an optimised resource management.

The administration interface is simple and intuitive and requires no special IT skills. Shift leaders and production managers can easily configure parameters for the individual shifts. Parameters can be colour-coded based on categories to provide an even better overview.

The Work Schedule tool was designed with the requirements of shift leaders, production managers, executives and HR staff in mind and can be used for managing shifts of various sizes. Automate your shift management to streamline production processes.

For additional information, please download the Work Schedule data sheet or get in touch.


Important information at a glance:

  • Which employees are available?
  • Are there any internal trainings or other events scheduled?
  • What does the shift pattern look like?
  • Is the minimum number of employees per shift met?
  • Where are the critical limits?
  • When are my employees planning to go on holiday?
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