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Hazardous Substances Information

Gefahrstoff-Informationen IconQuickly and easily record all materials and dangerous substances used in your organisation in the Hazardous Substances Information database. Important data regarding the labelling of dangerous substances or the necessary safety equipment is stored in a structured way and made available to everyone with the necessary access rights.

The clearly laid-out database provides general information on a hazardous substance as well as guidelines for handling it. Strong images, signal words and pictographs convey important information in an understandable and targeted way.

The database also offers a smart search function: just type in two letters to find the matching substances. Administration of the database is just as easy and intuitive. No IT skills are needed to add new substances. Relevant documents such as safety data sheets, instructions or manuals can easily be uploaded using the Drag & Drop Upload function.

The Dangerous Substances Information database is targeted towards all employees handling hazardous substances as well as to health and safety experts, quality managers and business unit or department managers and can be deployed in companies of all sizes.

For additional information, please download the Hazardous Substances Information data sheet or get in touch.


The following information can be entered by an administrator:

  • Materials and types of materials used
  • R, S, H and P phrases
  • CAS registration numbers
  • States of aggregation
  • Classification
  • Hazardous substance labelling
  • Dangerous goods labelling
  • Personal safety equipment according to §14 GefStoffV
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