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Employee Training

Mitarbeiter-Unterweisung IconThe Employee Training module is based on a workflow-controlled three-tiered system.
It helps companies with managing mandatory operating instructions, safety data sheets and/or user manuals.
Remember that according to Section 9 of the German Industrial Safety Regulation (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) employers must put into place the necessary precautions to facilitate a safe use of machines and equipment.

The reading corner provides employees with a structured overview of all documents that need to be read. The role- and user-based approach makes sure that employees only receive information relevant for their individual jobs. Once employees have read a file and want to close it, they are asked to acknowledge that they have read the file.
This acknowledgement is then stored in the system as a read receipt and the document is removed from the employee's reading corner unless a comprehension test is required.

The integrated instruction calendar clearly shows which documents need to be made available throughout the year, giving you more control over your processes. The Employee Training module is a simple and consistent way to meet your legal obligation to inform and instruct and to increase safety in your company.

For additional information, please download the Employee Training data sheet or get in touch.


Key features:

  • Reading corner
  • Notifications and e-mails
  • Follow-up function
  • Integrated calendar
  • Assignment functions
  • Comprehension tests
  • Reporting function
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