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Safety Inspections

Sicherheitsbegehungen IconThe Safety Inspections module helps you to schedule and manage all safety inspections and inspection tours in a structured way. Different sites and scheduled dates are managed centrally by a dedicated calendar. This is where you define categories, sites, meeting points and the number of participants to keep track of all past and upcoming inspections. You can invite participants to each event individually. Once the participants have confirmed the invitation, they receive an automated e-mail with a calendar entry.

The Safety Inspections tool is mainly targeted towards health and safety experts, EHS managers, company physicians and supervisors. It is generally advisable also to include other employees in the process because they often know their occupational risks best. By appreciating your employees’ opinions you increase motivation and also make health and safety processes more effective. Asses and avoid risks safely and cleverly with Safety Inspections.

For additional information, please download the Safety Inspections data sheet or get in touch.


How to manage events using the intuitive input mask:

  • Categorise events.
  • Assign events to individual sites or facilities.
  • Use colour-coded markers for better orientation.
  • Define sites and facilities.
  • Schedule intervals for regular inspections.
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