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Frequently asked questions and answers with regard to WEB inFACTORY

Our FAQ area is to help you search answers to your questions. Here, you will get a quick overview of frequently asked questions.

Choose your questions from the following areas:


General Questions

WEB inFACTORY presents a web-based information and communications solution for production plants.

Production plants and processes are becoming more and more complex and with regard to Industry 4.0, they are even getting increasingly individual and knowledge-intensive. At the same time, however, the number of available and qualified staff is diminishing. These developments ask for a sustainable and efficient steering of information and work processes in production and production-related environments.

WEB inFACTORY provides an efficient solution for optimizing your supporting value creation processes and it is specially tailored to the operating principles in production. Thus, your information and documentation tasks won’t be at the expense of production, but, on the contrary, they will be supported in an optimal way.

WEB inFACTORY is mainly suited for production plants in the chemical process industry.
The functional range of WEB inFACTORY supports production managers and shift foreman in  carrying out their administrative work speedily and conformable to law.

As a result of increasingly stringent legal regulations and an unstoppable demographic change, environment and health protection as well as occupational safety (EHS) are playing more and more a central role in production plants. The aim of using the EHS Management is to establish company-wide uniform quality standards for Environment, Health and Safety and increase efficiency.

Such a complex process equally imposes high requirements on both management and staff. Since only those looking at all three fields as a whole will be able to prevent accidents, retain qualified staff and resources, respectively produce in an environmentally friendly way in the long term. This comprises a comprehensive planning, consequent optimization and monitoring.

Your staff will receive all the required information on environment and health protection as well as occupational safety neatly arranged in a central place at their digital workplace. Consequently, you will set the course for a successful EHS Management and contribute to both social and corporate responsibility while meeting the requirements of today.

A demo access is required in order to log on to WEB inFACTORY.
Here, you can apply for it

Here, you can directly apply for access to the demo version.

Questions Regarding Security

WEB inFACTORY protects the confidentiality of your information via a Multi-Level Security System (MLS) with Mandatory Access Control (MAC) in accordance with the IT security model by Bell-LaPadula. This model has been developed on behalf of the US Air Force and it prevents that confidential information is transmitted to untrustworthy persons. Thereby, four different security levels have been defined for regulating access authorization:

  • strictly secret
  • secret
  • confidential
  • public

Only those who have the corresponding access rights may read the data classified as „strictly secret“ or „secret“. In this regard, administrators and even Fasihi as software developer are excluded from getting access to files marked as „strictly secret“.

As a matter of principle, the data of WEB inFACTORY are secured. This is done by two specific types of storing: On the one hand by securing redundant data onto two hard disks via RAID 1 (mirror) and, on the other hand, data are copied onto a RAID 5 backup system at specific intervals, depending on the service level. Subject to agreement, this data is kept available even afterwards for a fixed period, for example, for seven days or a month.

Even within the software, the Recycle Bin Function in the Homepage Explorer provides protection. After deleting a file, it will be relocated into the recycle bin and remain there for a specific time. The user himself may recover the file without having to address to the Support if he possesses the required rights for this step.

Thus, the data are excellently protected against loss.


If a user calls data from WEB inFACTORY, the data have to be transmitted through the network between the server and the respective user.

This data transport can be encrypted via the hybrid encryption protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) during the entire transmission. The application of SSL is supported by all common browsers. No further action is required by the user themselves. The SSL connection is automatically established.

After receiving your personal access to the demo portal, you may test the entire range of functions of WEB inFACTORY. The data you have entered for the test, as well as the access data, will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

Should you decide to buy WEB inFACTORY and wish to keep the entered data, then they may be transferred to your individual WEB inFACTORY installation.

Questions Regarding Technology

Users, roles, policies and authorization levels…

...all of this is possible. Create users or access one of the available user pools of the company LDAP. Add these users manually to self-defined roles or have this carried out automatically via filter, for instance, according to organization unit or company.

Allow those users and/or roles individual or combined access on objects, such as directories, files, news etc., or exclude them from getting access to specific objects. When assigning access, there are different categories you may choose from, these range from “read” to “admin”. Thus, it is possible to control which objects an individual user should be able to view or get access to. In this way, you have created a personalized view.

Moreover, functions (who is allowed to do what…) can be controlled in every detail via policies. For instance, specific users can be forbidden to create events, or be restricted in as much as they may create directories, but not assign keywords for them.

All these combinations make WEB inFACTORY flexible and secure.

For a complete hosting of the software, inclusive hardware and server, we work closely with our partner datacenter TWL-KOM in Ludwigshafen.

Preferentially, WEB inFACTORY is installed on Linux servers; however, it can also be made available on other operating systems.

The server hosting can be done by Fasihi GmbH in a certified datacenter. Thus, WEB inFACTORY will be optimally secured, monitored and administrated.

Our product can be used in various operating systems, such as Debian Linux, Suse Linux, SUN Solaris or other distributions as, for instance, Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This requires a runtime environment for Java and a web server.

We preferentially use Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat.

The requirements regarding the hardware for using WEB inFACTORY are very low.

Besides, it doesn’t matter whether a CPU by Intel, AMD or SPARC is in place. Even RAM usage is very effective; therefore the software can already be managed with less than 512 MB.

According to requirements, the hardware should, however, be scalable. Thus, the software could, for example, run on a 64-bit system providing four or more gigabytes of RAM.



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