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The software for your work safety: WEB inFACTORY

A secure all-in-one solution by the expert software producer Fasihi GmbH

With WEB inFACTORY, you are always on top of employee trainings, shift planning and the handling of hazardous substances in your company. And these are just some of the powerful features our software offers!

The modular software was specifically designed for the requirements of companies in the production sector. It is easy to use and does not require any specific IT skills. Optimise your communication processes by providing all safety-relevant data to your experts at a central location. This way, your information and documentation tasks do not compromise your production processes but support them in the best possible way.

Make your first step towards industry 4.0 with myEHS, the digital workplace of WEB inFACTORY!

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Health and safety modules

These features help you to optimise occupational safety:

  • Important information is centrally available with just a view clicks.
  • A fine-granular rights system provides personalised, relevant content.
  • No media discontinuities thanks to an independent system: WEB inFACTORY enables you to do without e-mails.
  • Consistent and transparent instructions to improve occupational safety.
  • The use of standardised templates increases work quality.
  • Information obligations are met even in precarious situations thanks to predefined notifications.
  • Process-controlled workflows for continuous documentation.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Interaction between the individual modules allows for central maintenance and reduces sources of error.
  • High degree of standardisation to improve production quality.
  • Directly edit documents in the portal without buffering on your hard drive.
  • Optimum protection against external access.


Marius Pollmer
Fasihi Academy

E-Mail: pollmer@fasihi.net
Phone: 06 21-52 00 78 126

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